irrigation systems

Has the lack of rain and extreme summer heat taken a toll on your yard? Are you tired of dragging water hoses all over your property just to move them again twenty minutes later? Let the professionals at Haynie’s Lawn and Landscaping design and install an automatic irrigation system for your commercial or residential property. Never drag another hose or worry about how much and when to water. With an automatic irrigation system you won’t have to ask a friend or neighbor to water your lawn or shrubs and flowers while you are out of town. Correctly installed irrigations systems are proven to be more efficient than using a traditional hose and sprinkler, by reducing run-off, allowing the ground to soak up more of the water. They also lower the amount of wasted water by having precise adjustments so that you are not wasting money watering your neighbors yard, the street, or other hard surfaces around your property. Automatic irrigation systems can also be installed with a rain sensor so that you are not watering if your lawn has received adequate rainfall from mother nature! Call us today(423-239-2699) for a free estimate.

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